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12 questions to better understand your clinical needs.

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electroporation in the veterinary field, in particular for Electrochemotherapy (ECT) and Electro-gene therapy (EGT), should be applied to patients with strict procedures and protocols. There are many variables for proper therapy that is effective for treating cancers.
In fact, our electroporators, accessories and electrodes are designed for different therapeutic needs.  Our Sales Area works closely with the technicians of the R&D department, to formulate offers and quotes to our customers. For example, if you plan to expand your clinical services in the future or if you are involved in scientific research, we will recommend products that you can upgrade on when you need them. By answering these 12 SHORT QUESTIONS you will help us understand what your clinical needs are and allow us to formulate an offer tailored to you. All questions are asked to formulate the offer and it is not mandatory to answer. The personal data you enter in the form (Name and email address) will not be used by Biopulse S.r.l., owner of the OnkoDisruptor brand, and will not be transferred to third parties for any reason. As will not be revealed by our Sales Area, (neither internally to the company, or to third parties) your level of knowledge at the time of the request.  The data you provide us is only used to process your request for quotation on OnkoDisruptor products.  You can consult the regulation on the processing of personal data here.

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