Electrochemotherapy Clinical Informations

Clinical information regarding electrochemotherapy in veterinary treatments. Protocol and mechanisms of action for the correct electroporation on animals.

Veterinary Electrochemoterapy Mechanism

Chemotherapy drugs can be administered locally or systemically according to the current scientific literature (see references). Electrical parameters are pre-set and the operator must only choose the appropriate electrical voltage..

Veterinary Electrochemoterapy Protocol

In Veterinary Electrochemotherapy Protocol, all the ECT sessions must be performed on previously anaesthetized animals and possibly adding an additional loco-regional anesthesia for highly sensitive areas..

Veterinary Electrochemoterapy Training

Our Veterinary Ect Training for veterinary oncologists is led by Dr. Enrico Pierluigi Spugnini, pioneer of veterinary electrochemotherapy, author of books and numerous scientific publications in veterinary ECT treatments..