Stick Probe spare electrodes.

Stick probe spares electrodes for vet ect

The electrodes for OnkoDisruptor® Stick Probe allow external and subcutaneous treatments in veterinary ECT.

The electrodes for Stick probe allow to face the external and subcutaneous veterinary electrochemotherapy treatments with maximum safety. They are electrodes designed to guarantee maximum efficiency in the treatments thanks to the high quality of the steels used and the excellent ability to transmit the voltage in the short time of the impulse, the result of numerous tests and clinical experience.

Two-plate 60-U



The Two-plate 60-U, reusable unshielded electrode for OnkoDisruptor® Stick Probe has a fixed center distance (1cm² in treatment) and a length of 60mm. Thanks to the ergonomics of the Stick Probe, with this electrode, it is possible to face most of the surface treatments, even in the cavities.

two-plate electrodes for vet ECT

Therapy: Veterinary ECT
Application area:
1cm² – Max-V: 1500V
Dimensions (mm):
L.60 H.10

Electrode life:

Recommended replacement every:
500 applications

Two-needle 45-S

Needle for electrochemotherapy



The Two-needle 45-S shielded electrodes in stainless steel guarantee maximum handling in veterinary ECT subcutaneous treatments, in particular on small and medium-sized animals, in cavities or intranasal. The electrodes are shielded with a special insulating resin treatment and transmit the voltage only in the final part. It is recommended to replace the needles every 15 applications to ensure correct transmission of the current and maintain maximum sharpness.

Therapy: Veterinary ECT
Max-V: 1500V – Dimensions (mm): L.45

Electrode life:

Recommended replacement every:
15 applications

Two-needle 45-S Packages 


5 Electrodes
10 Electrodes
Cod: OD-REAC-STE2-10
20 Electrodes
Cod: OD-REAC-STE2-20
30 Electrodes
Cod: OD-REAC-STE2-30