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Electroporators for Veterinarians for Electrochemotherapy

OnkoDisruptor® electroporators have been created for the best Veterinary Oncologists after 15 years of Scientific Research.

OnkoDisruptor® is the leading brand in veterinary electroporation, for quality, reliability and results. The electroporators for veterinarians OnkoDisruptor® are used by Veterinary Oncologists all over the world and by the major Universities and Research Centers internationally, in Scientific Publications of Electrochemotherapy ECT and Gene Electrotherapy EGT.

Our Products:

RE Series Electroporators

Ect-Vet Electroporator for veterinarians

RE+ Electroporators

OnkoDisruptor GT Veterinary electroporator

Electrode Holders

Probe for veterinary electrochemotherapy

Spare Electrodes

Spares electrode for OnkoDisruptor electrode holders

Our Research Team:

The BioPulse-Biotech® research team, after designing the OnkoDisruptor® electroporators, conducts scientific studies and improves the clinical protocols for veterinary electrochemotherapy. This work allows us to improve therapeutic results and to design new electroporators for veterinarians together with our technicians.


Years of Scientific Research in ECT.


Years of ECT Clinical Experience.


Scientific publications about ECT.

Quality & Tests.

Quality and Tests on electroporators for veterinarians

OnkoDisruptor® electroporators for veterinarians are hand-built with the highest quality standards. The rigorous controls and the numerous Tests allow us to verify the operating stability/reliability and safety systems on each product. Even under the maximum stress conditions of the devices. Our electroporators for veterinarians are produced by certified company UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 in compliance with the directives: 2006/95 / EC – EN 60950 and 2004/108 /CE – EN 55011 / EN 61000-6-1 / EN 61000-6-3.

Goals & Results.

Goals and results with our electroporators for veterinarians

OnkoDisruptor® electroporators for veterinarians are developed by BioPulse-Biotech®, a team of Researchers, Technicians and Veterinary Oncologists with 30 years of clinical and experimental experience. Each electroporator model is the result of Scientific Research and of numerous tests and it is designed to combine ease of use for the operator, with maximum therapeutic results. In this way, Veterinary Oncologists can have the best technology and they can achieve the best therapeutic results for their patients, even in the most difficult challenges.

Training & Future.

The sale of OnkoDisruptor® electroporators is combined with practical courses and demonstrations in Veterinary Electrochemotherapy sessions. The training courses can be conducted live or via webinair on the Biopulse Academy E-platform. Through training, veterinarians can learn the therapy technique and the correct setup of the OnkoDisruptor® electroporators.