OnkoDisruptor® RE Series, electroporators for electrochemotherapy.

Introduction to the OnkoDisruptor® RE Series. Reversible Electroporation in Veterinary Electrochemotherapy.

OnkoDisruptor® RE portable Electroporators for electrochemotherapy, through the emission of a biphasic wave, increase the uptake of chemotherapy drugs by neoplastic cells following the application of electrical impulses. The RE Series Electroporators for electrochemotherapy are specific for veterinary medicine. They emit trains of 8 biphasic pulses of 50 + 50 μs lasting at 1300V/cm.

In the treatment with OnkoDisruptor® RE electroporators, the pore area allows the reversibility of the phenomenon, with the possible passage of the molecules. Reversible electroporation is used for direct treatment of responsive skin neoplasms (limiting factors: size of the neoplasm and content of the connective tissue), for post-operative adjuvant treatment, neoadjuvant treatment for selected malignancies, palliation of non-removable tumors.

The biphasic wave.

the biphasic wave on electroporator for veterniary electrochemotherapy

The advantages of the OnkoDisruptor® biphasic wave.

In this type of electroporators for electrochemotherapy, thanks to the toroidal transformers, the primary wave is divided into two halves which are directed sequentially to generate a biphasic wave impulse that allows: instantaneous treatment and low morbidity with less post-treatment pain, reduced recruitment of muscle fibers and better cell poration neoplastic, thanks to their non-homogeneous alignment with respect to the electric field.

The RE Series:

The RE Series Electroporators for electrochemotherapy are specific for Veterinary electrochemotherapy (ECT) treatments. All models were designed together with the BioPulse-Biotech® Vet Research team. Available models: ECT-Vet • EXP-Vet.

OnkoDisruptor® EXP-Vet

The OnkoDisruptor EXP electroporator for Veterinary Electrochemotherapy

At the top of the RE Series, the OnkoDisruptor® EXP-Vet electroporator for veterinary electrochemotherapy is designed to guarantee the most expert veterinary oncologists maximum adaptability in all cases to be treated, even in deep treatments with eco-guide.

OnkoDisruptor® ECT-Vet

Ect-Vet Electroporator for veterinarians

Entry level of the RE Series, the OnkoDisruptor® ECT-Vet electroporator is designed to guarantee an immediate comfort for the Veterinary Oncologists in Electrochemotherapy treatments on their patients. The ECT-Vet stands out for its practicality.

OnkoDisruptor® electroporators for electrochemotherapy and electro-gene therapy, must be used for veterinary adjuvant or neadjuvant veterinary ECT electrochemotherapy in companion animals, equine, exotics and laboratory animals. This apparatus must be exclusively used under the supervision of a qualified veterinary doctor.