OnkoDisruptor® Stick Probe

Stick probe electrode holder for veterinary electrochemotherapy

An excellent ally, especially in Veterinary Electrochemotherapy.

The Stick Probe electrode holder is light and easy to handle, it allows you to face external and subcutaneous treatments with maximum speed. The OnkoDisruptor® Stick Probe has been designed to apply tension even in uncomfortable areas, in particular in veterinary electrochemotherapy, where oncologists have to face oral cavities or intranasal treatments in small and medium-sized animals.

Compatible with electroporators: • ECT-Vet • EXP-Vet • GT-Vet

Designed for faster and more effective treatments.

The easy lock system for veterinary oncology

The OnkoDisruptor® Stick Probe electrode holder guarantees maximum operator sensitivity during veterinary electrochemotherapy treatments. The easy locking screw system allows a quick change of the electrodes (needles or plates) to easily switch from external treatments to subcutaneous treatments with a single accessory.

The Onkodisruptor Stick Probe kit for veterinary electrochemotherapy


Complete kit to start the treatments.

The Kit includes a double plate stainless steel electrode for surface treatments (60mm length) and two double needle stainless steel electrodes (45mm length) shielded and treated with a special insulating resin, suitable for subcutaneous use. 

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OnkoDisruptor® Stick Probe

For external treatments in ECT:

With Plate Electrodes*

Plate electrodes can be used in veterinary electrochemotherapy surface treatments.

For subcutaneous treatments in ECT:

With Needle Electrodes*

Needle electrodes can be used in veterinary electrochemotherapy subcutaneous treatments.

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The use of OnkoDisruptor® Electroporators and accessories for veterinary electrochemotherapy is for oncologists expert in electroporation treatments.

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