OnkoDisruptor® M1 Clamp

Clamp adjustable electrodes for electroporation in Electrochemotherapy

Flexibility of use and power in all external treatments, even on large areas.

OnkoDisruptor® M1 Clamp electrodes are the result of numerous evaluation tests for the effectiveness of plate geometries in external treatments. The M1 Clamp electrodes have an adjustable distance between 9 and 45 mm. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, they allow the operator a solid and safe grip during Veterinary Electrochemotherapy treatments, on animals of all sizes.

Compatible with electroporators: • ECT-Vet • EXP-Vet • GT-Vet

Maximum permeabilization with the new geometry of shielded stainless steel electrodes.

Dimensions of adjustable electrodes in veterinary oncology

The OnkoDisruptor® M1 adjustable clamp electrodes are designed to allow homogeneous permeabilization avoiding the alteration of cellular PH, due to cathodic electrolysis phenomena in case of high voltage applications or long pulses. M1 Clamp electrodes are specific for use in veterinary electrochemotherapy, in particular on scars and large treatment areas where maximum adaptability of the electrode is required.

Electrodes for electrochemotherapy with adjustable distance


Adjustable distance for each treatment on the skin.

The adjustable distance of these electrodes (between 9 and 45 mm) allows maximum adaptability to all types of surface treatment thanks to the wide adjustment range. The clamp allows many options to apply tension to the animal’s skin, varying the tensions applied to the centimeter. The M1 Clamp is supplied with the electrodes already installed, the stainless steel plates are reusable and replaceable if other geometries are needed. We can make electrodes for the clamp on specific customer request.

OnkoDisruptor® M1 Clamp

For external treatments in ECT:

With Plate Electrodes*

Plate electrodes can be used in veterinary electrochemotherapy surface treatments.

Vertical use:

Horizontal use:

*Warning: the use of electrodes in veterinary electrochemotherapy is reserved for expert oncologists and is part of the clinical protocols. If you have clinical or technical questions about it, please contact us.

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The use of OnkoDisruptor® Electroporators and accessories for veterinary electrochemotherapy is for oncologists expert in electroporation treatments.

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