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Our Veterinary Ect Training

For Veterinary oncologists.

Our Veterinary Ect Training for veterinary oncologists is led by Dr. Enrico Pierluigi Spugnini, pioneer of veterinary electrochemotherapy, author of books and numerous scientific publications in veterinary ECT treatments. The goal of Biopulse Biotech Italy and Dr. Spugnini, is to teach ECT techniques and protocols to its customers.

Why are we different ?

Our goal is not just commercial, we believe in professional ethics and we want to guide the new veterinary oncologists in their future.

We teach ECT techniques through a four-day Veterinary Ect Training course. During this course, OnkoDisruptor customers will learn how to use our veterinary medical devices through practical demonstrations shown by Dr. Spugnini.

The Training:

  • From 6 to 12 cases in 4 days

  • Instructions on the ECT protocol.

  • Lectures on the use of Onkodisruptor® Electroporator.

  • Viewing of ECT sessions: from pets to horses.

  • From the simple case to the complex case.

We teach in Italy (Rome).


My training with Enrico was a great experience. I learned about the science behind electrochemotherapy, the best practice guidelines when using this technology, and the best applications for it in both small and large animal common situations.
I enjoyed spending time with Dr. Spugnini, seeing his daily practice routine and learning from him.
All together, it was a very worth while training experience.

I started using Onkodisruptor almost two years ago. Although the device is extremely “user-friendly”, the training with Dr. Spugnini and the continuous scientific comparison that is guaranteed by him, has made the use of the device simple and effective.

An electrochemotherapy treatment requires, in addition to the instrument itself, knowledge of tumor biology, which allows the patient to be adequately selected. At the same time it requires the development of clinical sense in the specific sector, which can be achieved only while time goes on, but which is favoured by the training period with the supervision of leading experts in the sector.

The case series guaranteed during the training days, which is extremely various (from pets to horses, from a simple cases to a complex one), makes the training period a necessary step for who with wishing to approach this discipline and the Onkodisruptor. Finally, the availability of the technical service and assistance, makes the use of Onkodisruptor a winning experience from all points of view.

I had an amazing training experience with Dr. Spugnini, which gave me hands-on experience with the use of ECT in patients. With the training I was able to conduce the cases with more realiability, and furthermore, I’ve learnt differents protocols from ECT use. The Dr. was a very professional, friendly, sympathetic person leading the training experience the best possible. Received me with kindness as friend’s family. I am very thankful for all the experience and would recommend it to any one!

I have spent a few weeks training with Enrico and it was some of the best training I have received as a veterinarian. Enrico has an impressive breadth of knowledge about numerous intriguing fields of oncology, including electrochemotherapy and tumor alkalinization.

He is a forefront expert on these areas and training with him was incredibly rewarding. Although it has been many years since I was there I frequently ask myself, “What would Enrico do?” when I see a patient with a challenging tumor and treat them with electrochemotherapy.  As for the Onkodisruptor, the machine is highly reliable and has provided many great results for our patients over its many years of use.

Enrico was extremely kind and helpful during my training week. He clearly explained to me the operations and applications of the device and I saw a series of clinical cases that were very useful to me later to understand the methods and applications of electrochemotherapy.

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