OnkoDisruptor® Spherical Probe

Probe for veterinary electrochemotherapy

Maximum control in subcutaneous and deep treatments.

The OnkoDisruptor® Spherical Probe electrode holder has been designed to ensure maximum stability during invasive electroporation in subcutaneous treatments or deep ultrasound-guided treatments. The structure of the handpiece is machined from solid to ensure maximum durability and resistance. The needle electrodes for the spherical probe are available from 2 to 6 needles, with or without shielding. The electrode holder, thanks to its solid grip, will allow you to safely face all invasive treatments.

Compatible with electroporators:  EXP-Vet • GT-Vet


Maximum interchangeability for all types of needle electrodes.

The OnkoDisruptor® electrode holder Spherical Probe ensures maximum control in subcutaneous and deep treatments in veterinary electrochemotherapy. The easy locking screw system allows a quick change of the electrodes (double or multiple needles) to adapt to all types of invasive treatment.

Needles of Spherical Porbe, for Veterinary Oncology


Complete kit to start the treatments.

The kit includes the electrode holder with a reusable six-needle unshielded electrode (80mm length) and a pair of two-needle shielded electrodes (80mm length) with a special insulating resin shield that guarantees the application of voltage only in the last 5 mm of the electrode.

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OnkoDisruptor® Spherical Probe


*Warning: the use of electrodes in veterinary electrochemotherapy is reserved for expert oncologists and is part of the clinical protocols. If you have clinical or technical questions about it, please contact us.

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The use of OnkoDisruptor® Electroporators and accessories for veterinary electrochemotherapy is for oncologists expert in electroporation treatments.

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