OnkoDisruptor® ECT-Vet electroporator.

A strong ally for the care of your patients.

OnkoDisruptor ECT-Vet Electroporator in Electrochemotherapy Veterinary

Veterinary electrochemotherapy has never been so intuitive and fast.*

Entry level of the RE Series, the OnkoDisruptor® ECT-Vet electroporator is designed to guarantee an immediate comfort for the Veterinary Oncologists in Veterinary Electrochemotherapy treatments on their patients. The practical Stick Probe included allows you to face external and subcutaneous treatments with maximum ease of use, especially on small and medium-sized animals, even exotic ones. Safe, thanks to the Overcurrent function, with delivery block and acoustic signal in case of hyper conductivity of the treated tissues. Portable, thanks to battery operation and low weight.

* Battery operated electric device <1500v for veterinary use. The use is intended only for professional veterinary oncologists with experience in electrochemotherapy.

OnkoDisruptor® ECT-Vet Electroporator

Ect-Vet Electroporator for veterinarians


Technical data:

Use: Reversible electroporation
Applications: Electrochemotherapy
Wave type: Biphasic 50 + 50 µs
Pulse train: 8 pulses of 100 µs
Maximum current intensity: 5A
V-Range: 500 – 1300 V
Voltage regulation: +/- 50 V

V-Start point: fixed
Default V-Start @: 1300 V
Security system: Overcurrent
Power supply: 12 V rechargeable battery
Battery life: 105 imp. @ 1300 V
Charging time: 12H (with 0% battery)

Other information:

Display: LCD 16
Control panel: Instrument ready – Error – Battery charging
Charger: INPUT 100-240V AC 60/50 Hz 300 mA. OUTPUT 24V DC 500mA 12VA
PC connection: USB
Weight: 5,5 kg
Dimensions: 340 x 270 x 120 mm

ECT-Vet electroporator Complete SET.

Ect Vet in Complete set of accessories for electrochemotherapy


The OnkoDisruptor® ECT-Vet Electroporator, is sold in a complete set, with the practical Stick probe: a cylindrical electrode holder designed to treat all oncological cases with superficial and subcutaneous veterinary electrochemotherapy treatments. In fact, in addition to the excellent ergonomics, with Stick Probe it is possible to change the type of electrode quickly and easily, even within the same treatment session.

Included in the Set:

Stick Probe Kit


For Treatments:


M1 Clamp


For Treatments:

The OnkoDisruptor® ECT-Vet electroporator is:


The overcurrent function, with delivery block and acoustic signal in case of hyper conductivity of the tissues, guarantees 100% safe treatments for patients.


Lightweight and with the rechargeable battery you can always carry it with you. It can be carried comfortably in a small bag together with its accessories.


Thanks to the polycarbonate shell and the plasticized membrane keyboard, it resists well to any impacts and biological liquids during the treatments.


All our electroporators are sold with standard or premium guarantee. In addition to quality and precision, our machines stand out for their durability.

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The ECT-Vet electroporator is an exclusive OnkoDisruptor product. The images are for illustrative purposes only, in aesthetic terms the product may differ slightly in terms of color combinations. We are available to supply our electroporators in custom colors for orders of multiple products from veterinary clinics. > Contact Us