Veterinary Ect Mechanism

Chemotherapy drugs and Electroporation

Chemotherapy drugs:

Chemotherapy drugs can be administered locally or systemically according to the current scientific literature (see references). Electrical parameters are pre-set and the operator must only choose the appropriate electrical voltage.

It is mandatory to follow the current health legislation on the use of chemotherapy drugs in pets and laboratory animals.


In Veterinary Ect mechanism of action, the Electroporator OnkoDisruptor® Exp for  electrochemotherapy ECT, generates trains of permeabilizing electric pulses which induce transient perturbations of the cytoplasmic membrane of tumor cells, enhancing the uptake of antitumor molecules (non vesicant chemotherapy drugs, plasmids, oligonucleotides etc.).

The increased uptake of such molecules results in an increased therapy efficacy through the mechanism of apoptotic death. This technique allows the use of lesser amounts of drugs – with fewer side effects while enhancing local control.