OnkoDisruptor® RE+ Series. Electroporators for Gene Therapy.

Dna electroporation electroporator for electro-gene therapy

Introduction to the OnkoDisruptor® RE+ Series. Reversible Electroporation in Veterinary Electrochemotherapy and Electro-gene therapy.

OnkoDisruptor® RE+  electroporators for Gene Therapy and Electrochemotherapy are new generation devices that allow a wide range of treatments. Thanks to the collaboration with BioPulse-Biotech® Scientific Research, we have developed a special waveform by combining biphasic pulses with modulable monophasic pulse trains. This allows to address both veterinary electrochemotherapy treatments and the delivery of plasmid vaccines. With RE-Combi Gene Therapy and Electrochemotherapy electroporators it is possible to face both treatments with an additional external portable module or with machines with all the integrated functions. These electroporators for Gene Therapy are combined with the innovative OnkoDisruptor® Transfer Gun, which allows you to apply electrical voltage after inoculation without changing instruments.

The future of Veterinary Oncology.

Electroporators for gene therapy scientific research OnkoDisruptor

Through OnkoDisruptor RE+ electroporators for gene therapy, BioPulse-Biotech® is developing innovative scientific research projects that allow the release of plasmid DNA with electroporation. The projects aim to define, together with accredited research centers, all the potential of electro-gene therapy, in particular in the veterinary oncological field. With OnkoDisruptor’s RE+ electroporators, BioPulse-Biotech® is marking the way for the delivery and expression of plasmids for the treatment of diseases in the internal medicine sector, with particular emphasis on Vaccines and cancer immunotherapy, Anesthesiology and pain therapy.

The RE+ Series:

OnkoDisruptor® RE+ Electroporators for Gene Therapy (EGT) and Veterinary Electrochemotherapy (ECT) were designed together with BioPulse-Biotech®  Research team. Available models: GT-Vet.

OnkoDisruptor® GT-Vet

OnkoDisruptor GT Veterinary electroporator

OnkoDisruptor® electroporators for electrochemotherapy and electro-gene therapy, must be used for veterinary adjuvant or neadjuvant veterinary ECT electrochemotherapy in companion animals, equine, exotics and laboratory animals. This apparatus must be exclusively used under the supervision of a qualified veterinary doctor.